Ted, Maggie & the Girls

This website contains photos and some history of the family, ancestors and relatives of Frederick (Ted) Martin Applegate of Corydon, Indiana, and his wife, Margaret (Maggie) Patten Applegate of Morristown, Indiana.  Ted and Maggie had five daughters:  Ann, Sue, Grace, Fredrica, and Barbara.

Ted Applegate was born and raised in Corydon and married Margaret Eliza Patten, of Morristown, Indiana, secretly in 1928 on Labor Day weekend.  They married again, officially, on March 2, 1929.  Ted was a General Practitioner physician in Corydon, and practiced out of his home office on Walnut Street. They and their five daughters lived in Corydon until September, 1948.  The family then moved to Connecticut while Ted studied ophthalmology at New York Polyclinic.  In May of 1949, the family moved to Monahans, Texas, and Ted opened his medical practice there, specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat.  Ted died from a heart attack in April, 1959, at the age of 55.  Margaret died in December, 1981, at the age of 75.

It takes a few minutes to scroll down through the photos.  They are more or less in chronological order.  Click on a photo to display it, and then you can click through the carousel.

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Weekend_in_Stamford_1948:  Newspaper article about the family’s move in 1948 to Stamford, Connecticut.

05141972_Maggie_TTU:  1972 article in the Lubbock newspaper about Maggie being a dorm mother.



6 thoughts on “Ted, Maggie & the Girls”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hurray, thanks I have felt so guilty to have lost touch, your Dad was the start of a wonderful journey of research and new friends cheers Nance x

  2. Hi all, Wow the internet is amazing, I have tried to make contact via various old email addresses now and then over the last 10 years or so but no luck. I thought I would just search Ted Applegate in a hope to make contact and here you are 🙂 Its Nancy the archaeologist from the National Trust in England. We have blogged about the army hospital and still use your Dads picture you kindly let us have a copy of and also snippets from the bits of letters you sent us. I also have a few spare copies of the book that your Dad appeared in if you would like more copies I can send them over. We have had more pictures form other families I need to have a close look in case your Dad appears in any, I think I have seen him in some. Would be lovely to make contact again. cheers Nancy

    • Nancy, it is wonderful that you found our website. I am Grace’s younger sister and forwarded your comment to her and our 3 other sisters so they’ll be sure to see it. It is so nice to hear from you!

  3. Barb,
    This looks great! Thank you from my generation and all those to follow. Love to you.

    • Jane, thanks so much! I haven’t worked on it for a while. Maybe this winter I can start writing up some fun family history and stories. I do love the photos!

  4. Oh, man, nice array of excellent pictures, Barb! 9/23/2014

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