Daniel Line-paternal

Oliver R. Daniel (born in IN or VA, abt. 1808; died about age 27 in IN, abt. 1835)
Martha Mills (born in VA, 1813; died about age 62 in Milltown, IN, abt. 1875)
3rd Great-grandparents of the Applegate sisters.
Oliver married Martha Mills in Floyd County, IN (New Albany area) on 21 June 1831 and they had 1 child, William Solomon Daniel.  Oliver was probably born in Indiana, Kentucky or Virginia.  Martha came from Virginia, and other later relatives by marriage also came from Virginia.  No record of Oliver’s death or burial has been located.  Census records show that Martha was born in Virginia about 1813.  She married John Oakes on 28 May 1836, so the assumption is that Oliver died around 1835, when William S. Daniel was 3 or 4.  From 1837 to 1850, Martha and John Oakes had 5 children:  Elizabeth, David, James, Emma and Lucy.  John Oakes died in 1855.  The 1860 census shows Martha living with her 5 children in Greenville, Floyd County, IN.  The 1870 census shows Martha living in Milltown, IN, with her son, William S. Daniel, and his three children, William, age 17, Oliver, age 15, and John, age 6.  Martha is not listed in the 1880 census, so it is assumed that she died before 1880.

William Solomon Daniel (born in IN, 1832; died at age 74 in Milltown, IN, 1906)
Sarah Catherine Russell (born in VA, 1831; died at age 39 in Milltown, IN, 1870)
Julia Ann Cole (born in IN, 1837; died at age 73 in Milltown, IN, 1911)
2nd Great-grandparents of the Applegate sisters.
William married Sarah Catherine Russell in 1851.  She and her family were from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and several members of that family migrated to Indiana.  They had 3 children:  William, born 7 Oct 1852; Oliver, born 15 Dec 1854; and John, born 26 Jan 1864.  Sarah died on 15 April 1870 and is buried in the Milltown Cemetery.
William married Julia Westfall (1831-1876) on 27 Nov 1873.  She died on 9 Feb 1876.
William married Julia Ann Cole in 1878, widow of well-known Milltown resident, John Stroud, with whom she had 4 children.  William and Julia Cole 1 child, Olive, born 10 Jul 1879.  William and Sarah’s son, Oliver, died on 4 Nov 1876 and is buried in the Milltown Cemetery.  His tombstone reads, “Oliver, son of W.S. & Sarah C. Daniel, born Dec. 15, 1854, died Nov. 4, 1876, aged 21 Y, 10 m, 19 d.  Olie was a good boy.”  William and Sarah’s son, John, died 22 Oct 1889, at the age of 25.  He apparently was following in his older brother William’s footsteps, because his tombstone reads “Dr. John.”  The census records list William S. Daniel’s occupations as  saddler, miller and farmer.  He dropped dead on a street in Milltown on 17 Dec 1906, from a heart attack.  His third wife, Julia, died in Milltown on 26 Mar 1911.  William S. Daniel, his wives, and sons Oliver and John are all buried in the Milltown, IN, cemetery.

William Daniel (born in IN, 1852; died at age 78 in Corydon, IN, 1931)
Fredrica Martin (born in IN, 1855; died at age 84 in Corydon, IN, 1940)
Great-grandparents of the Applegate sisters.
William married Fredrica Martin on 17 Mar 1875.  Fredrica’s parents were both born in Germany and came to the United States in the mid-1800s, ending up in Milltown.  Fredrica’s mother, Barbara Keller, was closely related to the Kellers who began Keller Manufacturing in Corydon.  William and Fredrica had 5 children, 4 of whom lived to adulthood:  Frederick, Grace, Kathryn, William and John Carlton.  William Daniel entered the Marengo Academy at age 17 and studied with the well-respected Professor John M. Johnson.  In 1873, he enrolled in the Louisville, KY, Medical College, and graduated with honors in 1875.  He then became resident physician of the Louisville City Hospital.  He later resigned to form a partnership with Dr. H. S. Wolfe, and they practiced together in Corydon and Harrison County, IN.  In the spring of 1877 he moved to Marengo and set up his medical practice.  He and his family remained there until August 1886.  He then returned to Corydon and purchased the practice of Dr. Wolfe, his former partner.  William was the medical examiner for several insurance companies, secretary of the Harrison County Medical Society and Harrison County Board of Health.  His numerous biographies described him as genial, warm-hearted and generous.  William and Fredrica’s oldest son, Fred, became a dentist in Ellwood, IN.   Their middle son, William, died in 1890, at the age of six.  Their youngest son, John Carlton, became a physician in Indianapolis.  Their two daughters, Grace and Kathryn, had beautiful singing voices and were often called upon to sing at public functions in Harrison County, and Grace attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  William’s wife, Fredrica, was described as a kind and generous lady with a lovely disposition.  Fredrica was confined to her home in her later years, due to severe rheumatoid arthritis.  Dr. Daniel died on 5 Mar 1931, as a result of pulmonary infarction.  Fredrica died on 19 Mar 1940, from multiple organ problems.  Dr. Daniel and Fredrica are both buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Corydon, IN.

Grace Daniel (born in IN, 1877; died at age 79 in Monahans, TX, 1957)
George William Applegate II (born in IN, 1875; died at age 75 in Corydon, IN, 1950)
Grandparents of the Applegate sisters.
Grace Daniel, known as Bobbie to her granddaughters, married George W. Applegate on 12 Oct 1898.  They had two sons:  George W. Applegate III and Frederick Martin Applegate.  Grace and George were members of the Corydon Presbyterian Church and were active in their community and in the Corydon social life.  Grace was simply passionate about music.  She had been blessed with an amazing voice and loved to sing and play the piano.  She also took great pleasure in teaching her granddaughters to sing and play.  Grace also enjoyed gardening and tending to her lovely flowers.  Her granddaughters fondly remember walking along the flagstone path among the beautiful irises growing in her garden.  Grace’s sister, Kitty Daniel Buchanan, lived in Dr. Daniel’s home, which was next door to the home of Grace’s son, Ted, and his family.  Grace’s oldest granddaughter, Ann, felt so privileged to have spent countless hours for several years, sitting on the porch of Dr. Daniel’s home, having interesting discussions with Bobbie.  Another favorite pastime of Bobbie’s was reading ‘detective’ novels, and a few of her granddaughters inherited the love of that genre.  Bobbie’s family loved and adored her and her granddaughters are so grateful that they were able to spend many years with Bobbie.  She was a wonderful influence on them and everyone in her family.  In August of 1950, at the age of 75, George suffered a stroke and died 5 weeks later.  After his death, Grace moved to Monahans, Texas, where her younger son, Frederick, lived with his family.  In March of 1957, at the age of 79, Grace died in her sleep.  She was discovered deceased in her bed by her granddaughter, Fredrica, age 17.  George and Grace are buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Corydon, IN.

Frederick Martin Applegate (born in IN, 1903; died at age 55 in Monahans, TX, 1959)
Margaret Patten  (born in IN, 1906; died at age 75 in Kermit, TX, 1981)
Frederick Martin (Ted) Applegate was born and raised in Corydon, IN, and married Margaret Patten, of Morristown, IN, secretly in 1928 on Labor Day weekend.  They married again, officially, on March 2, 1929.  Ted completed medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine.  He was a Major in the Army Medical Corps during World War II and was stationed in England for about two years.  He was a General Practitioner physician in Corydon, and practiced out of his home office on Walnut Street.  Ted and Maggie and their five daughters lived in Corydon until September, 1948.  The family then moved to Connecticut while Ted studied ophthalmology at New York Polyclinic.  In May of 1949, the family moved to Monahans, Texas.  The 4 older girls finished their last few weeks of school for that school year and Ted opened his medical practice, specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat.  During his ten years in Monahans, Ted was president of the Monahans-Wickett school board, Monahans Rotary Club, local medical association, and he helped create the Monahans Youth Center.  He was a deacon and later a presiding elder of the First Presbyterian church.  He was also an accomplished horseman and loved to swim and golf.  In his younger years in Corydon, he even loved to go spelunking.  Ted had a tremendous zest for life and was kind and generous to a fault.  In April 1959, Ted died at the age of 55 from a heart attack.  In December 1981, Margaret died at the age of 75.

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