Daniel Letters

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JohnDaniel_to_bro_DrWmDaniel:  Letter from John Daniel (b. 1863) to brother Dr. William Daniel (b. 7 Oct 1852).  Dr. William Daniel was the father of Grace Daniel Applegate, mother of Ted Applegate.  These were the children of William Solomon Daniel and Catherine Russell Daniel.  They lived in Milltown, Crawford County, Indiana, 15 miles northwest of Corydon.

Dr.WmDaniel_to_Fredrica_05141889:  From Dr. William Daniel to wife Fredrica on Tues, May 14, 1889.  She may have taken their children to visit her parents in Milltown (her father’s name was Fred).  He enclosed poetry he wrote for Rica, Fred and the children.  Buggy will be finished tomorrow; it looks just like new.  My thoughts dwell on you.  My highest and best aim in life, is your happiness and comfort.  He will not be able to pick them up until Thursday or Friday evening.  Milltown is 14 miles NW of Corydon.

Dr.WmDaniel_to_Fredrica_11111899:  From Dr. William Daniel to wife Fredrica on Nov. 11, 1889.  Carlton met him at the train with George.  More than 100 people called on Thursday and Friday to make enquiry concerning Fred.  “I hold, you know, that when duty calls we must go, regardless of our individual preference, regardless of the pain to us, regardless of any danger to ourselves, regardless of any expense or sacrifice.  Life lost in line of duty is life gained in all things.  Be brave, have courage, and trust that gives courage, to bear burdens, to bear sorrows, to bear distress.  I want to shield you from it all.  I know too that Fred will be all right again and will soon be restored to health, and it is you who bear the distress of mind, which is worse than pain of body.”

Fredrica_Daniel_to_Ted_06111929:  To Ted from his maternal grandmother, Fredrica Martin Daniel, upon his graduation from medical school.  She sent him $50 for his albums and the State medical exam.    She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, which made writing difficult.