Grace is number 3 of the Applegate girls and is the middle sister.  She was 10 years old when the family left Corydon.  She, like the rest of us, still considers Corydon to be her home town.  Grace has always been known as the sweetest of the Applegate girls.  However, when she was a teenager it was good to give her a little time to fully awaken before talking too much to her.  Grace was an elementary school teacher for many years.  In West Texas she taught remedial reading and in Louisiana she taught third grade.  Her students just adored her, but with her beautiful and kind nature, that is not at all surprising.  Grace and Richard have done extensive traveling, both in the U.S. and abroad, and really enjoyed it.  They divide their time between living in Louisiana in the winter and Colorado in the summer.  They have four wonderful kids, Jane, Amy, David, and Christina, and several grandkids, and they all adore their mom aka ‘Gigi’.  Grace is an avid reader, as are all of the Applegate girls!

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05071944_Ted_to_Maggie:  From Ted to Maggie, May 7, 1944.  He is stationed at Fort McClellan, AL, prior to being shipping overseas to England during World War II.  In this letter, me tells Maggie about buying a present for Grace’s 6th birthday.

Letter_from_Bobbie_to_Grace:  Letter to Grace from our grandmother Bobbie (Grace Daniel Applegate)

06181951_Grace_to_Ann:  Grace writes to Ann, who is in summer school at TCU.  Went to Balmorhea and swam.  Saw a lot of cowboys and a boy with a Texas Tech t-shirt.  Teddy Daniel has been going with Mary Sample some.  We’ve been laying stone for the backyard patio.

1952_Grace_diary_entries:  Grace was 14.  Some of these entries were written during a trip to Indiana in Oct. 1952.  This is some fun reading!

These are letters from Grace to Ann.  Ann and Larry had married in April 1954.

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  1. What a magnificent job you have done! It is so wonderful to have these.

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