Daniel Ancestors

This page contains photos and memorabilia of Daniel ancestors and relatives.

Click on the links below to read the PDF document.  After reading it, click Back to return to this page.

Dr.WmDaniel_CrawfordCoGen:  article on Dr. William Daniel, page 7

Dr.WmDaniel_Memoirs_of_lower_Ohio_valley:  Biography of Dr. William Daniel

poem_by_Dr._Wm_Daniel_11071897:  Poem written by Dr. William Daniel

Dr_Fred_Daniel_1907_injury_1924_death:  Newspaper articles on Fred’s severe eye injury in 1907 and his death when hit by a train in 1924.


The photos are in chronological order, more or less.  Click on a photo to enlarge, and then click through the carousel, using right and left arrows.

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