Morristown Trip Report #2

Grace’s Morristown Trip Report #2
November 4, 1998


I was unable to send thru juno yesterday and this am so I’m trying again before we meet with Theresa and David and the girls at 7:00.

Applegate girls: We just had a White Castle hamburger! Richard had been waiting ever since we got to Hoosier land! He’d heard me talk about the Corydon White Castle hamburgers (gone from C. now) for a long time.

We went back to Hanover Cemetery today. We’d stayed in Shelbyville last night (see previous letter) but it was sunny today and I wanted to go back and walk through without the funeral director following. As we took the road past Grandmother Gordon’s house toward the cemetery we passed Kent Gordon’s drive to his place and guess what? He was sitting there in his car. I’d just mentioned that we probably couldn’t make another Morristown appearance without everyone knowing about it. Anyway we’d been in the cemetery for about 5 minutes when here he came honking down the cemetery road! His sigother was with him so we got to meet her. He’d been sitting by the road waiting for her to meet him so they could go somewhere or other. We had a nice hug and they parted. I remembered Mother talking about our Revolutionary War ancestor and looked in the old part for his grave. Found it and the bronze plaque that descendants had erected in 1917. Hope my picture turns out.

We got to Bowling Green about an hour ago and will leave for parts south early in the am. We are thinking about staying along the Mississippi in Vicksburg.

Christina, hope your knee is feeling better.

Our love to all,


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