Barb is number 5 of the Applegate girls and is the ‘baby of the family’.  She was 5 years old when the family left Corydon; however, her memories of those 5 years are vivid and treasured.  Her favorite memories are of those times she spent learning to swim in the local creeks, and playing on the farm of Lowell, Mabel and Laura Etta Sibert, in White Cloud, Indiana, which was 7 miles west of Corydon.  Barb is a farm girl at heart.  She and her husband Don moved from Texas to Colorado in 1968.  They have three wonderful children, Theresa, John and Bill, nine terrific grandkids and three great-grandkids.  Barb and Don live in a suburb of Denver, with their Labrador Retrievers and two beautiful Morgan horses.  Barb retired in May of 2014 and is loving every minute of retirement, spending time with her family, dogs and horses, doing genealogy, photography, working around the homestead, and, of course, reading.

07211943_Ted_to_parents:  From Ted to his parents, announcing the birth of Barb.

Oct_1952_trip_to_Indiana:  Writings during 1952 trip to Indiana.

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