Sue is number 2 of the Applegate girls.  She was 11 years old when the family left Corydon.  Sue is the very gifted vocalist of the family and has a beautiful soprano voice.  She took voice lessons for many years and was often requested to sing at various functions around town.  Sue was also a ‘weather girl’ at a West Texas television station for a while.  She and husband Dick had two wonderful girls, Suzanne and Cindy, as well as three terrific grandkids.  Sue and her current husband, Marshall, live in College Station, Texas.  Sue is passionate about gardening and every day when the weather is good, or even not so good, you will find her in her beautiful garden.  She is also active in the local chorale in College Station.  Sue spends the rest of her spare time reading, as do the other Applegate girls.

12071944_Ted_to_Sue:  Letter to Sue from her daddy, Ted, written when he was stationed in England during World War II.  Sue was going to be 8 on Dec. 27.

12211944_Ted_to_Maggie:  Letter from Ted to Maggie about the need for Sue to have eye surgery before too much time passes.

12271944_Ted_to_Maggie:  Letter from Ted to Maggie.  Today is Sue’s birthday!

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