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524 N. Capitol Avenue – Applegate House:  Part of Farquar town addition.  Pre-1877, this was the site of the brick Methodist parsonage.  In 1877 the home was sold to George W. Applegate I (1842-1910).  The parsonage was razed and a home was built for George and his wife Anna VanZandt Applegate.  Approximately $6,000 was spent to build the home and outbuildings.  In 1899 the home was remodeled for George W. Applegate II (1875-1950) and his wife Grace Daniel Applegate, after their marriage in 1898.  In 1924 the home sold to Francis A. Bulleit, then later sold to Joe T. McClaren (chicken hatchery).  In 1952 the home sold to Robert “Stinky” Davis (attorney) and his wife Josephine Davis.  In 1986 the home sold to William Davis (attorney, Robert and Josephine’s son) and his wife Linda Davis.

604 N. Capitol Avenue – Applegate/Hayes House:  Part of Farquar town addition.  Pre-1867, the land was owned by William Farquar.  In 1867 the land sold to William Rowland.  In 1890 the land sold to George W. Applegate I (1842-1910) for $1,235.  In 1899 a home was built by George W. Applegate I.  This was a number of years after the Keller Factory had converted to electric processing and was selling electricity.  So, when this house was built, it had Edison brass light fixtures in every room instead of gas lighting.  In 1910, after the death of George W. Applegate I, the home was transferred to Elizabeth Applegate Cook and her husband, Wilson Cook.  Pre-1922, the home was remodeled to add a sleeping porch and a maid’s room to the back of the 2nd floor, over the kitchen and summer eating porch.  In 1924 the home sold to Edward G. Keller for $7,000 with the prospect of using it for the Masonic Lodge; after investigation it was determined that was not feasible.  In 1924 the home sold to Samuel Pfrimmer, Allie McLaughlin (Samuel’s sister) and Samuel’s son-in-law Blaine Hays Sr. (attorney) and his wife, who taught piano to many through their years in the home.  The home later sold to Melba Hickman.  She was an insurance agent and ran an antique shop out of the home.  She also modified the home to allow renters after the death of family living with her.  Many young couples in the community began their married life living in this home and renting from Melba. In 1976 the home sold to Frederick M. Cromwell (Corydon Democrat Advertising Manager) and his wife Glenda, after the death of Melba Hickman.

614 N. Capitol Avenue – Applegate/Cook House:  Part of Farquar town addition.  Pre-1867, the land was owned by William Farquar.  In 1867 the land sold to William Rowland.  In 1890 the land was sold to George W. Applegate I.  In 1899 a home was built for his daughter Elizabeth Applegate Cook and her husband Wilson Cook.  In 1910, after death of George W. Applegate I, the home was sold to his son Benjamin S. Applegate.  In 1924 the home was sold to Harry T. Hudson (grocer).  Late the home sold to James and Julia Mason (Pres, Indiana Utilities), then later sold to David & Nancy Lopp.

426 N. Capitol Avenue – Applegate/VanHook House:  SE corner of North Capitol Avenue and High Street.  This home was built by Harbin M. Applegate (1825-1890), older brother of George W. Applegate Sr.  It was also known as the VanHook house.  It was purchased in 1959 by the Southern Baptist Church congregation and used for worship until they razed it in 1977 and built the church building currently on the lot. Today the building is being used by an insurance company.  The church was built in the side yard.  The house sat where the parking lot now sits.  The original Lutheran church in town sat on this lot before they built on the NE corner of North Mulberry & East Walnut Street.  Fred Griffin’s Streets of Corydon, page 28:  “Built by Mr. Applegate and sold by his heirs to Charles Martin (1836-1906), owner and operator of the Corydon White Mill.  Mr. Martin remodeled the house extensively and at his death, it passed to his daughter, Daisy Martin VanHook (1880-1962), the wife of Dr. Thomas VanHook, Corydon dentist.  Mr. Harbin Applegate married twice, first to Catherine Pillar (1827-1866) and second to Mary Rogers (1836-1902).  Mr. Martin’s wife was Mary L. Trotter (1849-1893).” This property “was bought by Jean Kirkham and her husband, James Buckby, who owned it for a short time and sold in May 1959 to First Baptist Church, Southern, of Corydon, who used the house for their house of worship.  Eventually, they constructed a brick church on the corner where the Lutheran Church had once stood, and they tore down the big frame residence.  This beautiful residence was torn down 1977-78.  The Baptists sold to the Trinity Assembly of God, and the Baptist moved to the North Hill.”

This is a wonderful article about Corydon, written in 1908.

3 thoughts on “Corydon”

  1. Marianna said:

    My grandmother, Christina Louisa Hellman, was born in Corydon in 1875. Her mother was a Bettinger. Both her parents were born in Germany. Any Bettinger or Hellman cousins still there?

    • Marianna,
      I don’t know the answer to that, but there is a Facebook page where you could post your question. People are pretty good about responding. The page is called “Corydon and Harrison Township Memories.”

  2. Philip A. Smith II said:

    As a kid in Crandall Indiana (1964-68) we used to drink water at the Applegate house on center street. It was near Gaither Trading Center.

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